Hello friends, you know that Free Fire OBB has been updated a few days ago. After the update, the previous hacks are not working.

The ones I gave earlier and still working, you can install the previous files if you want, so you must visit my website. To hack Free Fire, you will need two applications and nothing else. First of all, install my favorite file. I said do

Free Fire Diamond Hack APK MOD Download

Fast download media file my website then you install the application on your phone then you uninstall your game then go to phone file manager then you need to change the name of a file.

Note:- Garena doesn’t allow players to use Free Fire MOD, it’s strongly advised to don’t download this Apk. It may lead your account ban permanently.

Garena Free Fire MOD

Media file is free Fire contains server details. If you change the media file of your ID, you must notice that if you use My Happy Hacking, then your ID will be banned. What can you do to create a new ID? Use Free Fire MOD is a hack version of Orginal Free Fire game.


Wall-hack is something that everyone wants, you can see through walls and even shoot from walls but this goes with you only. Your enemies can’t shoot you through walls, its really easy and simple. But I personally don’t use Wall-hack, I don’t know why but I don’t use it. You can use it always without having any problem but before you do this you should read the below instruction how to use MOD APK of Garena Free Fire.

Unlimited Diamonds free gun Skins

FF Hacks for Android is without a doubt the superior mobile OS to use Free Fire cheats on, since there is a huge community of developers and downloads are much easier to find. However, installing working software will still take some time and will in many cases require you to use either a rooted device or emulator, replace some OBB system files and follow the outlined steps for installing your mod carefully. However, you are also more likely to get banned on Android due to the prevalence of Modding on the platform.

Game Hacking Tools in Free Fire


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